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Welcome to CardBoardFish. Founded in the year 2000...

Welcome to CardBoardFish. Founded in the year 2000, CardBoardFish has grown and adapted through the explosion of SMS text messaging, and has achieved an impeccable reputation for providing high quality, reliable, and low-cost SMS delivery services.
With verified global coverage of over 978 mobile networks in more than 229 countries, and services to cater for SMS Aggregators, Businesses and even Personal users, CardBoardFish is the only connection you need.
CardBoardFish - Global SMS Saturation

Round The Clock Technical Support

Our support is manned by level 3 technicians so that you get the right answer first time. CardBoardFish prides itself on providing its customers with first-class suppport. A ticketing system is employed to help maintain fast response times and to keep a record of all support requests.


CardBoardFish, through its specialisation in SMS text messaging, has designed and developed a bespoke SMS platform with reliability and redundancy at its core. Download our fully redundant, multi-location, no single point of failure specification document.

You can build SMS into anything!

CardBoardFish offers a simple, high performance HTTP based protocol called HTTPSMS, with complementary APIs available for download in several programming languages to make getting started easy. Industry standard, carrier-grade protocols including SMPP, UCP-EMI, and CIMD2 are also available.

Clients of CardBoardFish...

With well over a decade of experience and a superior quality of service compared to our rivals, it's no wonder we're the UK's preferred SMS provider.
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm a very pleased customer so far. I've had no problems or noticeable downtime with your service, and the quality of your service has exceeded my expectations.
- from Norway

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