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Build SMS text messaging in to almost anything!

CardBoardFish offers a simple, high performance HTTP based protocol called HTTPSMS, with complementary APIs available for download in several programming languages to make getting started easy. Industry standard, carrier-grade protocols including SMPP, UCP-EMI, and CIMD2 are also available.

Create an account

If you haven't done so already, instantly register for your CardBoardFish account. The type of account you choose will depend upon your text messaging requirements and the volume of text messages you will send. Please Note: Business Accounts support HTTPSMS, while Large Accounts also support the industry standard SMPP protocol.

Download documentation and APIs

HTTPSMS is fully detailed in the clear, concise documentation provided. You can also download the complementary APIs if you need them.

Add HTTPSMS to your account

Once you've read the documentation and obtained any APIs you require, add the HTTPSMS service to your CardBoardFish account. Click below and we'll get you started.

Start sending messages!

HTTPSMS will be ready to use within 10 minutes, at which point you'll be able to send text messages to over 750 networks in more than 210 countries. If you have any technical questions or issues, click "Support" inside your CardBoardFish account to contact an engineer - available 24x7 to assist you.
For even tighter integration, consider the CardBoardFish Billing API to programatically manage many aspects of the CardBoardFish account system, including balances, coverage, and pricing.