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  • Suncom Wireless Operating Company, Llc
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  • All CDMA Networks
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Business Account - is it right for me? Business accounts are suitable for organisations of any size requiring high quality, mission critical SMS services at competitive rates. The Business SMS account offers a wide range of services and has no minimum monthly volume requirement.

Business Account Summary:

  • Ultra high quality coverage to over 200 Countries and 700 Networks
    - from 1.3p (€0.015) - UK Just 5p (€0.075) per SMS
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CardBoardFish has created a range of services suitable for organisations large and small, designed for quick deployment, easy integration and ease of use. The following products are all available on our Business accounts:


  • Integrate HTTPSMS services straight into new and existing applications to enable the transmission and reception of text messages.
  • A range of complementary API's are available to minimise development time and costs should they be required.
Add HTTPSMS to your CardBoardFish Account
Email2SMS Icon

Email2SMS (including web-SMS)

  • Send a single Email to thousands of mobile phone numbers at once or even enable 2-way messaging for an entire workforce.
  • Includes easy SMS campaign management and the ability to download sent and received messages in CSV format. The possibilities are endless.
Add Email2SMS (including web-SMS) to your CardBoardFish Account
Batch Sender Icon

Web Based Batch Sender for Business

  • A simple, easy to use application for sending sms on mass. Ideal for messaging, and maintaining, lists of numbers of all sizes.
  • Reports are available for download in CSV format for offline analysis in your choice of spreadsheet application.
Add Web Based Batch Sender to your CardBoardFish Account
HLR Lookup Icon

Number Validation

  • Process numbers with this service to prevent wasted SMS messages to invalid numbers and therefore reduce costs.
  • Accurately identify what mobile network a number belongs to, determine whether the number is able to receive SMS messages, and also identify what country the subscriber is currently located in.
Add Number Validation to your CardBoardFish Account
List Manager Icon

List Manager

  • Allow your message recipients to subscribe to or unsubscribe from your SMS campaigns using a short URL link to the List Manager interface.
  • Recipients will enter their mobile number on the List Manager interface. This will be returned to you via email or HTTP callback to be added to or deleted from lists as appropriate.
Add List manager to your CardBoardFish Account
Windows Desktop SMS with IE Toolbar Icon

Windows Desktop SMS with IE Toolbar

  • Send messages from your Windows desktop to mobile phones around the world. Benefit from the ease and speed of typing SMS messages.
  • Receive delivery confirmations and replies all in one straightforward application.
Add Windows Desktop SMS with IE Toolbar to your CardBoardFish Account
Java Desktop SMS Icon

Java Desktop SMS (Multi-OS)

  • Available on all operating systems supporting Java Version 6.
  • Java Desktop SMS has all the great features of the Windows Desktop SMS application, but does not include a browser toolbar.
Add Java Desktop SMS (Multi-OS) to your CardBoardFish Account
Max OSX Widget Icon

Mac OS X Widget

  • Put text messaging directly onto your OS X dashboard.
  • This widget means that you're never more than a click or a gesture away from exchanging text messages with the world.
Add Mac OS X Widget to your CardBoardFish Account
Windows SMS Server Icon

Windows SMS Server

  • Instantly grants the power to integrate text messaging with other applications and projects.
  • The SMS Server manages all complex communication between the remote user and the CardBoardFish SMS gateway.
Add Windows SMS Server to your CardBoardFish Account
Virtual Number Icon

Virtual Numbers (Incoming SMS)

  • Dedicated incoming SMS services allow for the reception of messages over a selection of protocols from standard mobile numbers.
  • Incoming SMS is perfect for one-way non-premium communications such as opinion polling and feedback.
Add Virtual Numbers (Incoming SMS) to your CardBoardFish Account
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