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Send SMS to Italia...

CardBoardFish provides high quality text messaging services to Italia.


Connect your applications directly to the CardBoardFish SMS gateway. Integrate services straight into new and existing applications to enable the transmission and reception of text messages.

Submit bulk SMS messages to CardBoardFish by:

  • CIMD2
  • SMPP 3.3/3.4
  • Perl, PHP, Java, .NET, Python API

Simplify sending SMS batches with one of the CardBoardFish off the shelf SMS systems. With no software to install and clean, fast online interfaces.

Or use our Off the shelf SMS systems:

It is also possible to receive text messages from Afghanistan using our Incoming SMS (MO) service.

Supported Features:

  • Unicode UCS2
  • Binary support for WAP push, ringtones, logos, vcards
  • Ability to set alpha or numeric sender id (originator address) dynamically
  • Throughput of 100+ SMS/second
  • Delivery reports with GSM error codes
  • Concatenated (Long) messages
  • GSM character support
  • Custom validity period

Italia SMS Network Coverage:

We have verified that text messages can be delivered to the following networks via our service:

OperatorNetwork & Alternative NamesTechnology
H3G S.p.AH3G3G 2100
Telecom Italia SpATIMGSM 900/1800
Vodafone Omnitel N.V.vodafoneGSM 900/1800/3G
Wind Telecomunicazioni SpAWind Telecomunicazioni SpAGSM 900/1800

Network coverage last updated: Thu May 28 20:49:55 2015

Italia HLR Coverage:

It is possible to identify old, invalid and ported mobile numbers using our HLR lookup service for the following networks:

OperatorNetwork & Alternative NamesTechnology
H3G S.p.AH3G3G 2100
Telecom Italia SpATIMGSM 900/1800
Vodafone Omnitel N.V.vodafoneGSM 900/1800/3G

Access to the HLR service is available via a web based account for uploading number lists, or via HTTP request for integration into your own systems.

The CardBoardFish Difference:

  • Support 24 x 7 x 365 by real people, the same people that create our products and run our company. Nobody is too senior to answer your questions.
  • We strive to connect to more SMS operators than any other aggregator, for maximum choice and failover.
  • We know our industry inside and out, maintaining hundreds of industry contacts gained through years of experience and cooperation.
  • Our in house development team has pioneered the creation of hundreds of industry leading technologies including sophisticated route monitoring, automatic message failure investigation and accurate mobile identification. We always know the status of our services at any given moment.
  • Trusted to provide a reliable and confidential service by clients including the British Cabinet Office, H.M. Treasury and Galileo International.
  • We know our prices are the lowest available for a comparable service.
  • We are willing to help with ideas, no matter how complex or difficult to implement. For us, nothing is impossible.
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Italia Send SMS to:

Telecom Italia SpA (TIM), Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA (Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA), Vodafone Omnitel N.V. (vodafone), H3G S.p.A (H3G)
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Clients of CardBoardFish...

With well over a decade of experience and a superior quality of service compared to our rivals, it's no wonder we're the UK's preferred SMS provider.
I really appreciate the way you guys do business, we and many other SA company's can really learn from you guys!
- from South Africa