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Up-to-date news, announcements and releases from CardBoardFish and it's partner companies.
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New List ManagerService fromCardBoardFish

CardBoardFish is pleased to announce the launch of a new List Manager service. This free service allows message recipients to subscribe to or unsubscribe from future campaigns.
The service uses a unique short URL that links to the List Manager interface. When recipients submit their mobile number it will be sent by email or HTTP callback to the CardBoardFish client, so that contact lists can be amended as appropriate.

For more information click here.


HLR Lookup 2.0.Revolutionarynew technology

CardBoardFish is proud to unveil HLR Lookup 2.0, a fully redundant, telco-grade HLR lookup infrastructure with verified coverage of more than 700 networks in over 200 countries.

HLR Lookup 2.0 can be used to identify invalid mobile numbers, find the current and previous mobile network for a number, check if a number has been turned off for a long period of time, and also discover what country a mobile subscriber is currently located in. The service can be accessed either via an easy to use web interface, or HTTP API for direct integration with customer applications and systems.

Harnessing the coverage, throughput, and redundancy of no fewer than 7 independent carriers, this service ensures customer HLR lookups are always processed instantly, producing reliable and accurate results every time. Furthermore, both client-facing nodes and back-end routing nodes are distributed across multiple continents to guarantee the architecture has no single point of failure, additionally enabling large spikes in HLR lookup traffic to be intelligently load-balanced across the entire infrastructure.

Latency monitoring, throughput monitoring, and per lookup state tracking combine in an architecture developed to automatically respond to real-world scenarios and third party disruptions. HLR Lookup 2.0 will even re-submit queries via alternative carriers if, for example, responses are not received within an appropriate timeframe – ensuring the customer will always receive results.

As the system has been designed from the ground-up to be completely self-monitoring, CardBoardFish has made available live coverage as well as live latency and status data, providing a level of transparency previously unseen in the industry.

For full details of this innovative new service, please consult the HLR Lookup Product Overview and HLR Lookup Specification. For Sales, please contact us here.


Results+ forTextTank The newaccount upgrade

Results+ is the new account upgrade for TextTank that provides users with new features and an advanced reporting function.

New features include the ability to set up automatic responses to incoming messages received on the account's unique keywords, plus a start/stop function that allows end users to manage their own subscriptions for receiving SMS messages. The advanced reporting allows users to produce bespoke reports on campaigns ready to present to senior managers and peers.The upgrade also includes a dedicated account manager to contact with any non-support issues or questions when needed, and £200 of free credit. The upgrade is available for a one-time cost of £250. Visit for further details on the Results+ upgrade.

TextTank, launched in June 2008, is a simple and straightforward SMS solution for UK businesses. Created by the CardBoardFish development team, the system allows the sending of personalised business SMS to UK and international numbers at a flat rate - 3.5p for UK destinations and 5.0p for international destinations using high quality routes and a simple web based interface.

Prices exclude VAT and are correct on date posted.